Why You Should Write Your Own Resume

I have worked with many creative types, musicians, artists, designers and others who have a lot of confidence in their professional skills. However, they do not always have as much confidence in their writing abilities. I still tell them to at least attempt to write their own resumes anyways. It is always valuable to prospective employers to read about applicants’ skills in their own words. There is a plethora of resume guides on the Internet and in print to get you started. The Dummies and Knock “Em Dead series are both good places to start. A resume in your own words helps you in a number of ways:

*You are the person who knows your skills best. You also know the “Buzz words” or significant terms for your field. A resume writer may use significantly different terms than what you would use. There are also regional differences in terminology in many career fields that a resume writer may not know.

*You are more likely to speak intelligently about the skills and experience on your resume if you have written it yourself. Many people who have others write their resumes for them often do not even read it thoroughly before submitting it for a position. It can be very embarrassing in an interview when a hiring manager asks you about a career summary point or skills and experiences you did not even notice that were on your resume.

*Your experience is unique to you. You are more likely to spot information that is missing from your resume than someone who wrote it for you. That missing information can be the one factor that causes your resume to be ruled out by hiring managers.

*Each resume you send out should be tailored for a specific position. A resume writer could charge upwards of $400 to write your resume. It can get expensive to hire someone else to write your resume, especially when you have many positions for which you are applying and need a number of different resumes.

You should have someone else proofread your resume before you send it out. Even spellcheckers and grammar assists in word processing programs are not infallible. Resume writers can critique the resumes you write and help you best present your information especially when you have had gaps in your work history or need a creative way to present recitals, shows, exhibits, etc.

Still not convinced you should write your own resume? OK, if you do decide to hire a resume writer, make sure this person understands your career field and experience. The resume writer should also have some type of education credential having to do with career development or certification in resume writing. One such place to look for these types of professional folks is at the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches.  Lastly, your resume writer should take the time to go over your new resume with you to ensure that it is correct and that you have a good understanding of its contents.