Fashion is the Career Passion

What is it about fashion that excites and engages us? People have such visceral responses to fashion trends, either loving or hating them. We also cling stubbornly to our favorite outfits or wardrobe pieces long after their trends have faded and they have started falling apart. Just ask someone who has tried to “borrow” a sibling’s favorite piece of clothing. They know the passion that these articles inspire.

That passion carries over into fashion careers as well. There is something about these careers akin to those in music and art that allow people in the industry to immerse their personalities into their day-to-day jobs, to tap into who these people really are. And a fun part of these careers is literally being able to wear your personality on your sleeve. Just looking at what designers wear whether they are on the street or at an awards show is a visual feast.

The beauty of fashion careers is that it does not take just one type of person to bring trends to the public. Introverts and extroverts need to apply. Numbers people, artists, supply chain managers, writers, marketers, retailers, distributors, graphics designers, web designers, colorists, tailors, shoe makers, textile crafters, CAD-types and automotive designers all are welcome and needed in the fashion industry. Automotive designers? Really? Yup. It is a little-known fact that the CAD or computer-assisted design software that automotive designers use is also used, with some modifications, to design footwear. You will see shoe design and automotive design influencing each other in the “bumped out” front ends of SUVs and the sleek, stream-lined silhouettes of running shoes.

Think that the fashion industry is too shallow or narcissistic for you do-gooder, public service types out there? Well, not true. Beyond all the industry charity galas, fashion needs you too. Fashion designers and manufacturers have solved some of the most stubborn medical problems, including footwear to prevent diabetic ulcers and clothing with special pockets to hold and protect insulin pumps. Fashion does contribute to the greater good. Just ask the Bolivian women who have found a way to knit heart parts for children with defective hearts.

And fashion influences can be seen in myriad other careers as well. Check out Fashion and Architecture Meet in a Night at the Opera to continue exploring these interesting influences. Enjoy!