#ReJOYCE is Coming! #ReJOYCE is Coming!

Crowdsourced cover for Joyce's new album.

Album cover photo by Xenia Varelas

Joyce DiDonato’s summer project #JoyceAndMe will culminate in a new album debuting in the US Sept 3rd. Joyce has asked her fans to get the word out about her Best of album. And while I know some of Joyce’s fans will take to video to help out this fun, fun diva, this Kodak brat, hailing from Renee Fleming’s hometown of Rochester, NY will not. I’m eschewing the formats of video and film to do what I do best. That is, bring you career info on my blog that is fun and informative.

And yes, #ReJOYCE is definitely a fun project. Fans got to suggest and vote on the album’s title and send in pics and stories for the CD booklet. More importantly, they even partook in choosing which arias and pieces got disctime on this project. I greatly admire Joyce for reaching out to her fans via social media not only to keep in touch, but to find out what they are thinking. #ReJOYCE is absolutely a joint venture and labor of love between Joyce and her fans. And when you as a fan get to participate, you realize firsthand all of the hard work that goes into producing not just a Best of album, but a whole opera career.

Sweet Honey in the Rock founder, Bernice Reagon Johnson, summed it up best for all musicians when she explained during a master class and chorale rehearsal in Ithaca, NY that every time your music goes to disc, every time you have a successful performance, that is a time to celebrate, to rejoice. It is tremendous to have that kind of musical talent and the dedication to work hard and make it to the top. And Joyce DiDonato will prove it with her latest work. Congratulations, Joyce, and thanks for letting us fans participate in this very important project!

I cannot wait for #ReJoyce to be released. But in the meantime, if you love fashion and architecture, check out pics of Joyce on my Pinterest board:  Fashion/Architecture Meet in a Night at the Opera. It is a fun project exploring opera diva fashion and matching it up with opera house architecture.

Interested in an opera career of your own, singing in your community or taking opera to the stratosphere for all the world to hear? Then stay tuned for my guest blog at Opera 21 on Tumblr. Its latest title, “Casting the Diva: Creating an Opera Career” will come out sometime later in August or early September and give you some good tips on getting your opera career started. Thanks to Joyce for the heads up on Opera 21!

Update Dec.1, 2013: Sorry for the delay. The link to “Casting the Diva: Creating an Opera Career” can be found here. Enjoy!

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