Using Pinterest as a Job Search Tool

You may have heard of Pinterest and may even be using it to show friends and family all the cool stuff you have found on the Internet. But did you know that you can use Pinterest as a job search tool? Many hiring managers continue to be overwhelmed with a landslide of resume submissions, and they are relying on you, the jobseeker, to make yourself stand out as a job candidate. Here are some ways to use Pinterest as a career portfolio to do this:

Designers and Artists: Showcase your work on a Pinterest board. The advantage over a physical portfolio is that not only is the storage space much larger, but you can better control the layout of your work. You can give a “whole story” snapshot of your design process — all on one board. While I’m no designer or artist, I used Pinterest to land a job offer at the Parsons New School for Design by adding the urls for my specific Pinterest boards that showed my “eye for design” when it came to shoes, evening apparel and accessories.

Teachers: Post a YouTube or Vimeo video on a Pinterest board so that prospective employers can check out your teaching style and creative use of multimedia to get your learning points across to your students.

Health Care Workers: Set up a Pinterest board that provides information on a specific health topic. You can create a video, PowerPoint slideshow presentation and links to web sites and online documents on a health topic.

Fundraisers: Share your past fundraising experiences in the form of colorful graphs. Use the Pinterest Help tools to get started.

Musicians and Actors: Post video clips of recitals, plays, movies and auditions.

Corporate Types: Post videos and pictures of what you did during company-approved sabbaticals for volunteer activities. Unpaid activities are still considered part of your overall experience by potential employers.

Higher Education Professionals: Post videos and pictures of events you planned and implemented such as career fairs, speaker panels, Greek Life events and Freshman orientation.

Your use of Pinterest as a job search tool is only limited by your creativity. However, there are a few things to keep in mind:

*Make sure you include your Pinterest board urls in your cover letter and a “Social Media” section on your resume. This is the one time I advise repeating information in your cover letter that is already on your resume. Even though a hiring manager may ask for a cover letter, it does not always get read.

*You can limit your boards so that only certain people can see them. However, a hiring manager will have access to all of your unlimited access Pinterest boards, so be careful what you put on them, especially the humor and fashion boards.

*You must understand what is proprietary information before posting it on Pinterest. If your company owns the intellectual property rights or photograph copyrights of your work, you should get permission to post them on Pinterest.

*Be careful about posting pictures and videos with other people in them. Not everyone wants their picture on the Internet.


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