So You’re NOT Going to Train Me?

One of the toughest trends to get used to in this economy is that companies are no longer spending a great deal of time and money on training new employees. You are more likely to land a new job if you can hit the ground running. But what do you do when you run into proprietary software, or software written specifically for your company, that no one is willing to train you on? Unfortunately, this is a problem that can affect your productivity, and these types of programs are often not very intuitive, making it difficult to teach yourself.

Before you have to pester co-workers with a ton of questions, try these things first:

*Look for a Help menu. You may find the answers to your basic questions here.

*Call up a record or transaction similar to the one you need to complete. Notice how each separate field is filled in and which ones are left blank.

*Search your computer’s desktop for a Help or Tips file for the program. While computers are often wiped clean after employees leave, sometimes these files are kept as an aid for new employees.

*Scan your own Help file that you may have created for a similar program in the past. Proprietary software often follows certain programming protocols and templates that are common across programs.

*Get to know the people on your IT Help Desk. Familiarize yourself with the program as much as possible first. Then have a conversation with these people, showing you know something about how to use the program BEFORE you ask them for an unofficial tutorial or their “insider tip sheet” on how to use the program.

*Share your knowledge. You are probably not the only employee struggling with this type of program. Once you get more comfortable with proprietary software, help out other workers when you can. They may return the favor and give you tips that you did not know beforehand.

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