Why Social Media Could Land Your Next Job

You tell people a great deal about yourself when you use social media on a regular basis. You are creating the story of you, rather than just presenting the generic listing of skills and accomplishments you have on your resume. Why not use social media to further your career? Hiring managers and recruiters are turning to sites such as Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr and Pinterest to find out more about their job candidates than they can from the landslide of resumes they get for each job posting. What do you want potential employers to know about you? It is up to you to use social media wisely so that employers learn the key things about you that will make you a good employee.

Decide which social media sites you will use for personal communication and for your job search. For example, I try to keep up with Facebook’s privacy rules (no easy task) because I have family pictures on my status update and profile pages that I do not want just anyone to look at. So Facebook probably won’t land me a new job. However, when I interviewed for a career counseling position at Parson’s, my Pinterest page came in handy. I did not have a design portfolio, so my Pinterest boards showcased my eye for design, my knowledge of fashion brands and designers and my dedication to higher education.

Play to your strengths. Are you a master Tweeter? If so, use your tweets to show your knowledge of your career field and to air your opinions. The more informed you show yourself to be, the more likely it is that you can set yourself up as a KOL (known opinion leader) and garner more followers.

Follow the leader. Whichever social media you use, find the people you should be following to promote your career. These include people who trend spot, who inform succinctly and who are willing to dialogue with you.

Hook up your blog. If you don’t already blog, start one and keep it fresh. Just about every social media outlet has a way to hook your blog to it, and it is usually free.

You will probably still need a resume for your job search. However, new resume formats include a section on social media where you can list sites that highlight your written communication skills and that can act as a free, on-line portfolio for your design, photography or advertising work.


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