We Are All New Yorkers

Three weeks ago, standing in Greenwich Village and looking around while waiting to do some interviews in NYC, I could not even imagine the devastation that was to come. Fast forward to now: there has been a hurricane, downgraded to a superstorm, flash flooding, fires, a blizzard and tornado threats, all courtesy of Hurricane Sandy. As I coped with a broken boiler today, here at home in upstate NY, I blessed my mom’s foresight in getting a “Gold” coverage contract from the local heating contractor. Boiler was fixed in less than an hour. I cannot even imagine what people are going through in NYC, NJ and other severely affected states. While this brings home the fact that we are all New Yorkers, whether upstate or down, somehow, I do not think there is a “Gold” contract large enough to fix this devastation. I hope Obama is right, and that there will be no red tape or bureaucracy for those who are seeking help in the weeks to come. I am not worried now whether I will get the job in NYC or whether I can find affordable housing if I do get the job. I am worried about a prolonged recovery. However, maybe this awful storm is the catalyst we need to get the political machine working as a bipartisanship again.

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