Aurora, CO: Loss of Potential



“You are responsible for the talent that has been entrusted to you.” This is what I pinned from Pinterest this morning. I am finding myself on Pinterest more and more as it has been rough times for everyone these days it seems. There are shootings daily reported online and in the papers, and I find myself growing weary of thinking, “What if…?” What if these people had lived, had a chance to use their potential? What would the outcome have been? Those who like to play devil’s advocate would say maybe those people also had the potential to do harm. The issue is that we have been robbed of the chance to find out. I find that very very sad.

The beautiful images and sayings on Pinterest are a comfort, but also a reminder to use your talents and to live your life the best way you can. As I finish one work contract and look for another, I think about the potential of people I’ve yet to meet and the lost potential of young friends killed in childhood. Never did get a chance to visit those children’s graves. Maybe now is the time as I meditate on where I will go from here and how I will use my own potential. I hope I still find a way to help people with their own careers. I think that is the best tribute I can give for those who are grieving today for lost loved ones in Aurora, Colorado.


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