What is a Job Aggregator Site?

Applying to jobs online can be a time consuming process. First, you have to search for the jobs. Then you have to tailor your resume to each job and be sure to follow all instructions. Some ads will even put a certain phrase such as “Put copyeditor #3675 position in the subject line” to make sure you are reading thoroughly and can follow instructions.

A job aggregator site is one website that collects job postings from all over the web in one place. Indeed.com and SimplyHired.com are two examples of a job aggregator. It cuts down on the time you spend searching out job ads. An aggregator site may also give you the option of setting up email alerts to let you know when new jobs in your area of interest have been posted.

While a job aggregator can save you time, there are a few other things you need to know about using them. Not all of the jobs are current. Some can be from 30+ days ago. Check the job description’s date before you apply. It’s very discouraging to get to the end of an application process only to get a screen telling you “This job is no longer available.”

Email alerts you set up on a job aggregator site may not exactly match your job alert criteria. Be exact as you can when you set up an alert, focusing on which criteria is most important to you such as location, hours, title, etc. Don’t skip through the email list of jobs sent to you by a job aggregator if the first few jobs aren’t exactly what you are looking for. There may still be some viable jobs on the list.

A job aggregator site may list jobs that sound exactly alike, but have different company and contact people specified. This happens when several recruiting firms receive the same job requisition to work on. How do you choose which ad to respond to? You don’t. Respond to them all. You increase your chances of getting your resume in front of a hiring manager. If you are put in for a position by a recruiter, and other recruiters contact you for the same position, clarify that it is exactly the same position. Then let the recruiter know your resume has already been submitted. If other recruiters submit your resume without telling you after it was already submitted for a position by someone else, that is their problem. It is their responsibility to check with you first to determine that you really are a fit for a position and that you still want to be considered for the position.

Lastly, job aggregators can take you only so far. Your resume may not even get looked at even if you are the best candidate for a position. The job search has become a numbers game, which means if your resume isn’t in the first few that are submitted, chances are it stays buried in the applicant tracking systems that recruiters and HR use to hire. Use the job aggregator to submit your cover letters and resumes. Keep networking so that you can find someone who can also drop a copy of your resume on the hiring manager’s desk and recommend you for the position.


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