I am Hating This

Another music legend passed away tonight, and I am hating this. Whitney Houston had an amazingly powerful voice, one that reached out to many people regardless of color, regardless of gender. It is especially sad that she passed away on the evening before the Grammys, a show where she once reigned as queen of her generation’s singers.

Her fall from the pinnacle of her career was both painful and sad to watch, as was her courageous attempt to make a career comeback. There is no word yet on how she died. However, this woman had some seriously rough ups and downs with alcohol and drugs. In an industry where many millions of dollars are made, there has to be at least some money dedicated to protecting the “human assets” in the moneymaking machine. There are some rehab programs in LA and NY, but they are too limited and never very well-funded. And you must have a lot of money to try to recover at some of the more famous clinics.  A wider safety net is needed in the arts and entertainment industry where career pressures make some people more vulnerable to addictions. Instead, we just all express our condolences and say, “how very sad” and wait for the next celebrity’s demise…

Please keep her daughter Bobbi in your thoughts. Nineteen is still too young to lose her mom, even if her mom was a celebrity. You will be missed, Whitney.

Check out Whitney Houston’s hits on YouTube for a musical celebration of this talented singer’s life.


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