Getting at Unpublished Job Criteria

If you are a supervisor, I bet there are days when you wish you could have found an employee with a certain skill, one that wasn’t listed in the job description because it was overlooked or deemed too specific. If you are a job seeker, finding out what these unpublished job criteria are can make you stand out from the masses applying for the same job.

So, how do you find out these “extra” desired job qualifications? Simple. You ask. Asking about desired job qualifications should be included in every bit of networking you do. Chances are, you will start a very interesting conversation with alums, friends, family, field experts, previous employees, anyone you can think of with whom to network. Include these job qualifications on your resume, even if they are not part of the job description. This makes your resume stronger and may attract the interest of the hiring manager. However, make sure you also throw in terms on your resume that the job description uses to get your resume past electronic resume scanners that sort incoming resumes for consideration.

If you are lucky enough to land an interview with the supervisor who oversees the position directly, ask that person as well. But don’t stop there. Make a case for yourself by mentioning that you have those qualifications (if you really do) and illustrating how you have used those unpublished qualifications to benefit previous employers. If you do not have the skills mentioned, express your desire to learn those skills and throw out ideas on how you can obtain them for the benefit of this company. This shows initiative and flexibility, both highly desired traits in today’s job market.


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