Holiday Job Search

by Colourbox


If you continued your job search through the holidays, but didn’t come up with any solid job leads, don’t be discouraged. While some employers have to rush to get positions filled by the end of the calendar year, others have until the end of the fiscal year, usually in June, to fill positions before they lose the funding for those positions.

A few people headed back to work today after the holidays, and many more will be back tomorrow. Employers will sometimes rush to get their positions posted right after the holidays before they get bogged down in meetings, projects and spreadsheets. So, if you are still looking for a job, this next week is prime searching time. Check out job aggregators, or websites that collect job postings, such as, Simply Hired and even Craigslist in your desired geographical area for new job postings. Do not forget company and organizational websites. If you’ve been searching thoroughly, you have probably been on all of these sites countless times; however, this next week may see some very busy activity as new jobs are listed. Try to look at these sites as if it is the first time you’ve checked them. You may be surprised and find a few new leads!


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