When Your Job is to Find a Cure

It has been a sad week for my family. My stepmom’s sister, a woman I’ve known since I was 9, passed away early this week after a long struggle with cancer. I am sad, but I am also finding that I am very angry too. Back when I participated in sorority rush in college, the rush leaders who asked us to vote on extending invitations to join our sorority admonished us from presenting a candidate because she was “nice.” Too general, I guess. However, Karen was just a genuinely nice person. It makes me angry because nice people like Karen should not have to suffer. No one should. This is a disease where the pharma industry needs to come together, stop playing pattycake politics, give up the “me first” for recognition and get the job done. Find a cure. We as human beings are more intelligent than that. Need has to trump competition. We have been waiting so long.

Cancer takes a toll on family and the sick ones. However, cancer also affects those trying to cure and treat it. Please remember as you are giving thanks this holiday the medical personnel, the administrators and everyone who goes the extra mile to help those who are sick and their families. Have a safe and very thankful Thanksgiving.


2 Responses

  1. I am so sorry for your family’s loss. I will remember you and your family, as well as those engaged in the daily battle against disease, in my Thanksgiving prayers.

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