Definition: Lollygagging

Lollygagging by KissySquirrel @ Photobucket

As a writer, I really have to know the definition of the words I use. However, some words just have more private, familial definitions, like the word “lollygagging.” In my family, it is exactly what it sounds like: Actively trying to make a sibling giggle, then gag while sucking on a lolly. This was usually brought about by tickling, poking, slapping, shoving, pinching, 360 degree wedgie (with the assistance of other siblings) or throwing things at the offending sibling. Sometimes, General Mayhem worked when these other tactics didn’t.  A lollygagging punishment was usually earned by a certain sibling (not me) who hoarded her lolly and then ate it in front of the other siblings long after theirs were gone. A fitting punishment, no?


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