“The City” and the Job Hunt

Hello? The 5 Bazillion Other Cities of New York


The problem with living in a large metropolis and networking for a job hunt is this: When I tell people that I am from New York, they are like, “Oh, well, why don’t you just go back to the city and network with friends and colleagues there?” Um… which city? There are like 5 bazillion cities in NY, only one of which spells itself as N-Y-C. Yes, people, NY is ACTUALLY a state. Sheesh! And no, Upstate NY is not a separate state like Virginia and West Virginia. Last I checked, there were only 50 states. If you came up with 51, you counted on an extra finger there…

I know. I’m being testy. However, you would know all this if you were a long-suffering New Yorker. And I do not mean someone living in “The City” who “talks funny,” has “attitude” about “real bagels,” and drives a taxi. From the back seat. NYC is like another whole country sometimes. You’ve already given it state status, so don’t go thinking it really IS another country too. But really. There’s no commuting from upstate NY to “The City.” It’s just too far. The pace is faster. The cost of living is higher. There’s more attitude. There may be even more available jobs there. The unemployment figures just dipped below 12% in CA for the first time in a long time. Like LA, it does not snow much in NYC and traffic is always congested. Like CA, NYC has a high crime rate. The difference is we in LA say  “Have a Nice Day” after we rob and shoot you. And carjack your Cadillac SUV. But NYC, nope, not LA or upstate NY by a long shot…

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  1. I never tell people I am from NY. I always say “Rochester, NY” so I can avoid questions about a city I have spent less than two weeks in in my entire life. When pressed as to why I am not a frequent visitor, I make a point of informing them that Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa are all closer. I make a point to talk about my dad’s farm.
    I love NYC, but, like you said, it seems to have overshadowed the identity of the whole state.

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