The Great Guess-Who’s-Getting-Fired-Next Contest: Trashy, Not Classy

There are supervisors who try to help their employees get training, gain skills and just generally survive during a tough recession. Then there are those supervisors that take a certain malicious glee in preying upon their employee’s fears and making work a miserable place to be.

So says a judge in Iowa today who ruled that a convenience store’s contest with a $10 prize to guess the cashier who would be fired next created a hostile work environment. Ten dollars? Really? How could anyone think that this was amusing? Trashy, not classy. The company’s HQ should send that supervisor a “Guess Which Supervisor is Getting Fired?” memo. With no prize.


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  1. How’s this for a hostile work environment?…

    A contest offering $10 to guess which of your colleagues willbe fired next is a good reason to quit your job, according to a judge in Iowa.Administrative Law Judge Susan D. Ackerman ruled that Misty Shelsky, who worked at the QC Mart convenience store …

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