Internet is Down: Weird Ways to Make Money

Occasionally in L.A. AT&T has a fit and its wireless services and internet go crashing down. While the wireless problem is now fixed, alas, internet service and email at my house is still AWOL, leaving me contemplating other ways to make money while using the internet at the library.

Enter Steve Gillman’s book “101 Weird Ways to Make Money.” Now I am all for crazy, unusual careers, but I’m really not sure about some of the careers he mentions. For example, cricket farmer? Really? Mr. Gillman says you can make from $1 million up to $20 million per year, depending upon the size of the cricket farm. However, after writing my post Girly Emergencies at Work, there’s no way I am going to be raising crickets for a living.

Gillman also states that you can make up to $80,000 writing online reviews of products. Hmmm, that seems like an awful lot of products and reviews. If you worked a normal 40 hour week per year, you would have to be paid at least $38 per hr. Each review probably takes more than an hour to write and I bet there are few review sites that pay that much. Besides, you still need the internet.

I could also be a bicycle-taxi driver for $62,000 which doesn’t seem realistic either. Haven’t seen too many of these in L.A. either. I’m not so sure about Gillman’s figures; however, I do think writing articles such as “Acacia Gum Nutrition” qualifies as weird. Not only is acacia gum found in everything from soda to gum to frosting, it is also found in glue. Not sure I wanted to know that…

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