Arghhh! Wegmans, Where are You?

9/19/11 UPDATE: The unions and corporations finally settled. No strike. Whew. I wasn’t relishing walking a few miles just to pick up groceries.
Southern Cali is in the grip of yet another threatened grocery store strike. No word this morning if workers are actually on strike yet. The last one in 2003 cost Ralphs $2 billion. This time, Ralphs decided to just close its doors and wait out the strike. Do they think the strikers’ audience won’t show up? Are they guestimating that they will lose less money? The 2003 strike lasted for 4 months, but I had a lot more money then and so did other people. This time around it is going to be much harder always shopping at Whole Foods where the workers are not on strike. Whole Foods is kind of like Wegmans, but smaller. The food is more expensive, but mostly better quality than at other grocery stores. Their facilities are also nicer than most grocery stores in southern Cali.
I get why the workers are striking. I really do. Medical costs are going up, and they need better medical coverage. However, self checkouts do not need medical coverage. There are also a plethora of stores here that have added grocery centers such as Wal-Mart and Target with better deals than conventional grocery stores. Will the grocery stores get their customers to come back? That remains to be seen.
I think it’s time for the #3 Best Company to move into Cali… Seriously, I’d be willing to work harder and pay more for a decent bagel.

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