Yale and its “Other” Reputation

Yale University has long enjoyed its prestigious status as an Ivy League university. However, it has held another reputation even before the murder of grad student Annie Le. A friend of mine had grown up in New Haven where Yale is situated and knew first hand that workers at the university were underpaid and not treated well at all. Unions were not welcome on campus, and this friend warned me that women who were sexually harassed on campus had a hard time proving it and getting justice. Workers even went on strike at one point for better pay as well.

So why the warning? I was already working on a campus where I was being harassed and was looking for another higher education job. I had an interview with Yale in the late 90s, and yes, I went to the interview trying to keep an open mind. I was not impressed. Where other schools paid for interview expenses at the time, Yale refused, its reasoning being that you would pay them yourself if you wanted work in the “Ivy League.”  The Career Center needed to do some serious PR with their career counselor candidates, and they did not, their biggest mistake. The campus is located in a particularly unsafe area of New Haven. No campus tour, the buildings were locked, no lunch or dinner meetings, no concern with whether the candidate got to and left campus safely. Once I left the Career Center, the doors locked behind me, leaving me outside, in an unsafe area in the dark. Later, I learned that another female student had been murdered on campus during the time I was there. Great. Like I really wanted to work there. That was it. I did not take the job, and Yale got a big “FAIL” from me.

Fast forward to 2011. Annie Le’s family is suing Yale. Good for them. But this is the 21st century;  women should not have to sue for their safety while on campus   — at YALE, for God’s sake! Even some of the oldest “boys’ clubs” in the world, namely Oxford and Cambridge Universities, have stringent rules to protect female students. I’m almost positive it is also highly frowned upon at these prestigious institutions to murder female students. Bad form. Yale, you still get a FAIL.

Oh yeah, the friend who gave me the warning? Yup, he’s a guy, proving that the  “old boys’ club” mentality has gone by the wayside in many places. Thanks, dude, I appreciate it.


4 Responses

  1. You actually hit on a very important, broader topic; what are those warning signs to look for on any interview that warn of unsafe working conditions or inhospitable wokplaces.

    Great piece!

  2. What did you use to design your blog? It’s really awesome can you send me an email and let me know?

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