New Digs: A Place to Write

A Place to Write

Welcome to fall! Really doesn’t feel like it, tho’, does it? Back East, it is flooding. Cornell University actually closed for awhile this morning. While out here in Cali, it has been soaring over 100 degrees every day for the past week. In a desperate attempt to keep the circuit breakers from tripping and losing my work, I have been rearranging my apartment (yes, in the 107 degree heat yesterday).

So I finally cleaned out the alcove that contained my monstrous collection of shoes and shoeboxes and this is where my writing desk ended up. It is cool and comfy during the day, and the amber glow of the wall sconce and the plaster and lathing walls really pick up the ambiance of this Depression Era building.

One problem, though. The power supply is in the bathroom. Here’s to hoping the power safety strip doesn’t take a plunge into the toilet. šŸ™‚

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