We Interrupt This Regularly Scheduled Blog…

Remember This Category 5 Hurricane?


OK, I’m interrupting my “regularly scheduled blog” with a new post. Many Americans are going to be directly in the path of Hurricane Irene in the next few days. Please, PLEASE, if you are in an area that is calling for evacuations, leave. Do not “eff” around. This is a very, very dangerous hurricane. Yes, I know some people are upset because they are losing out on their last precious few summer vacation days. I understand. We all work hard and are entitled to a vacation, just not one that could end up getting you killed.

The media is chock-a-block full of stories about how we are lazy, spoiled Americans with too many luxury gadgets. I am urging you to use them. We have state-of-the-art weather forecasting in this country, such as it is. Pay attention. We were warned prior to the landfall of Hurricane Katrina, yet many people ignored the warnings and so many died. You know what? I have no problem looking like an idiot if for some reason Hurricane Irene peters out before landfall. If you are considering just “riding it out,” please don’t. Just leave. Stay safe.


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  1. You said it!!! Great post.

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