Get Up. Show Up.


Blink of an eye...

Yes, I am a worrier.  I stopped worrying about my own situation after I realized I somehow always manage to land on my feet no matter what. Although I’ve found something else to worry about now. I keep hearing and reading about how the unemployment numbers are dropping because people are too discouraged to look for work. That worries me. At two years shy of 50 and an AARP card, I’ve realized that life is going by so fast, it is breathtaking and alarming at the same time.

So this is what I tell friends and others I run into who are discouraged and having a hard time looking for work: You have to get up and show up for your life. Every day. Even when it sucks really badly. The time that you are stuck in unemployment limbo is still part of your precious time on earth. Don’t waste it. Get out there and learn something new, help someone else, travel to a place you’ve never been. Because it all goes by in a very quick blink of the eye…






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