Missing The Recruiter’s Call, Part 1

Working with a recruiter is one way to get another position in this stagnant economy. You may have put your resume on the Internet, months, even years ago, with no calls, but don’t despair. As positions start to open up, recruiters are getting busy, making calls, Tweeting and searching out candidates on Facebook and other social media. Not sure the right recruiters have your resume? This is your opportunity to update your resume, your contact info and your life in general.

*Make sure your answering machine or voice mail message is professional. Leave an alternate number where you can be reached if you can take calls at work or away from home.

*Update your social media pages such as Facebook and Twitter, removing anything that a recruiter might find offensive. If a recruiter objects to it, an employer will too.

*Send an updated resume with current contact info to recruiters who specialize in your field and to any companies that you contacted in the past. Keep a list of these companies because recruiters cannot submit you if a company already has your resume on file. A cover letter explaining what type of position you are looking for and how you can benefit an employer will help your cause.

So what happens if you miss the recruiter’s call? Recruiters will usually call you a set number of times, but if you are interested in finding a job through a recruiting agency, you should return the recruiter’s call as soon as you can, even if you are not particularly interested in the specific job for which they are calling. Why? Because working with a recruiter is about relationship building. It is rare to land a job after one recruiter contact, so let the recruiter get to know you and what you are looking for. Some recruiting agencies will even pay you a referral fee if you refer them to another candidate who then takes the job.

Check in with your recruiter(s) on a regular basis to remind them that you are still looking. If a recruiter flat out tells you that he or she cannot help you, ask for referrals to recruiters in your field. Many recruiters belong to recruiter networks where they get a fee for referring you to other recruiters and their open jobs.

A note about working with multiple recruiters: A recruiter will try to get you to work with him or her exclusively. This usually only works in your favor when the recruiter is part of a large recruiting agency with many recruiting contracts with companies in your career field. There is no law against working with several recruiters at once, but you must be organized. Make sure that your recruiters get your permission before submitting you for a job. Keep track of who sends your resume where to avoid embarrassing multiple submittals to one company. This makes you and your recruiters look bad in the eyes of the company.


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