Homeless and Writing or “Do You Want Fries With That?”

I am finding myself struggling once again to pay rent in expensive LA and this time, it may be game over. My previous post, What Would You Sacrifice For Your Career explored how much you give up as a writer, and I am finding that I am woefully unprepared to couch surf here. Many friends have left the area, and trying to frantically work to make some money so I can leave has become exhausting.

I find myself looking around at things I’ve collected over the years, books, beautiful objects, clothes, jewelry. When did they start to become a burden? When did apartment dwelling happen so I could have a place to store all my stuff? A quiet place to write, yes, but a storage locker? No.

People keep urging me, “Go apply to McDonald’s so you can pay the rent.” Are you kidding? Rents for a tiny studio are so high, I could work an 80 hour week there (if they would hire me) and still be behind on rent. I am exhausted and tired of trying to hang on.

This is the irony of my life, landing a decent paying writing job too late with nowhere to write for it. I do not know where I will land next, but I know I won’t be bringing too much stuff with me. The detritus of living (and I have cleaned out on a regular basis) becomes overwhelming when you have to move.

The job interviews are starting to happen, just a little too late. People keep telling me to “Hang in there.” I just wish I knew where “there” was. Hanging on, hanging around?  Ok, universe, I get it. This is what it’s like to be lambasted by the economy, discouraged and exhausted. I’ve gotten this far on my career path, only to give up the writing for a paycheck that I supposedly can count on? Seems a bitter pill to swallow as so many have done in the last few years in this country…


2 Responses

  1. Don’t give up!!!! You are a wonderful writer!

  2. Thanks. These are definitely challenging times.

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