Yabba Dabba Do! Animation Goes Retro

One of the coolest jobs out there has to be animation. It combines awesome talent with just plain fun and interesting plot lines, whether it’s for kids or adults. Seeing that I can’t draw a straight line, the closest I’ll ever get to this career is reviewing illustration portfolios for art students applying to Disney. And that was cool enough, but one animator out there is about to realize his lifelong dream of illustrating the “Flinstones” again.

Yep, Seth MacFarlane is about to give the Flinstones a “reboot.” Read about it here. Now I’m not a fan of “The Family Guy,” but just think about how much fun you could have with biomimicry, technology and the new Flinstones. Not that I think this will ever rock the original from its animation foundation status. But a GPS bird who flies in front of the car and then lands in the car’s squawk box with GPS instructions? Or how about an update on the push lawnmower, a riding dinosaur (herbivore, of course) lawnmower with cup holder.  The latest cell tower in Bedrock could be a huge dinosaur’s tail. Get rid of those pesky tyrannosaurus rex flies with a patio bug zapper made from a lizard in a box with a really long tongue. Barney and Fred can squish their Play-Doh cars up and put them in their pockets when they get to work or when they get home.

On the home front: Fred can relax in an angrily vibrating saber tooth tiger reclining chair while Wilma and Betty dish in the kitchen wearing small furry animals on their heads to mimic NJ Shore hair poufs and saber tooth tiger skin minidresses. The kids will be wearing chameleon foot jewelry that flashes and changes colors when they walk or run.

See, and you thought an update would ruin this classic show… Hmmm. I guess I will wait and see…


One Response

  1. We will, indeed, have to wait and see, but you raise some wonderful new possibilities for the new Stone Age.

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