Spreading “Rumours” As a Career

I admit it — I am a self-professed choir geek, maybe even a Gleek, having sung in choruses and choirs since I was 8. I also sang in choirs for about 15 years after graduating from college, even performing in a singing tour of NYC, Finland and Russia. So I nearly fell off my office chair in surprise when I learned next week’s Glee is tackling Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumours” album. How awesome is that? Well it’s pretty dang awesome, having heard some of these tunes already. And I am so jealous. Most of the tunes work because the musicians have stuck, with a few exceptions, pretty close to the original music arrangements. The Glee cast is spreading “Rumours” to a whole new generation. Not a bad career move, considering some of these twenty-somethings “kids” never sang professionally until they hit Glee.

“Go Your Own Way” has been given a feminist twist by the powerhouse Lea Michelle (Rachel) and she really carries it with Cory Monteith backing her on drums. It is hilarious to see Dianna Agron’s (Quinn) face as Rachel belts out her very own new anthem about her ex.

“Songbird” has always been one of Fleetwood Mac’s sweetest pieces, and the bitchy Santana (Naya Rivera) softens up to sing it and bring it to gal pal Britney (Heather Morris) in a rare solo for her character. Is she or isn’t she? The rumours are flying…

Kristin Chenoweth from Pie Hole fame reprises her role next week as Mr. Schue’s friend from the past and duets with him (Matt Morrison) on “Dreams”, bringing an eerily and scarily similar Stevie Nicks sound to the mix. Not a bad pairing vocally, considering that “Rumours” brought that FM sound that always had a little something, something to the world. Maybe this couple brings it back just a bit…

The clunker? Has to be “Don’t Stop.” Sorry, New Directions, but if you had stuck with the original arrangement, you would have had another hit. As it is, this one is too stylized, too show choir-y, and does not evoke the original FM hit backed by the USC marching band. Go Trojans? Hmmm, sounds more like they took Bill Clinton’s campaign song and gave it an Obama-like twist as in: Be the change you want to see — but I’m just not seeing it. Changing the music definitely does take it in whole New Directions; just not the right one. Bummer.

Kevin McHale as Artie is definitely “Never Going Back Again.” He does a terrific job with his folky voice, and the back up guitar is faithfully rendered by the Glee instrumentalists. Where did they find these guys — they too are terrific. Oh yeah, this is L.A. home to underpaid, mega talented musicians.

Cory Monteith as Finn is a monster talent, seeing that he never studied music or sang before coming to Glee. However, his duet with Dianna Agron (Quinn) on “I Don’t Want to Know” unintentionally turned into Dianna singing back up. The balance is off somehow, and her voice gets lost in the background for the first half of the song.

Another admission: I now actually understand the words to the “Rumours” songs. I don’t know if it is because I am older, due to cleaner production values or that Glee left that I’m-so-stoned sound behind. Whatever they lost, though, they sure bring mega sound on most of these songs. Can’t wait until next week like me? Surf YouTube for next week’s Glee “Rumours.” Have fun spreading them…

2 Responses

  1. I may have to watch my very first episode of Glee ever. thanks for the infectious enthsuiasm and a great review!

  2. I hope you do. I’m pretty picky musically, but these guys have my vote when it comes to FM. Hope your household is settling down and you all have a good weekend. Loved the doggy’s chillin’ on the couch pic.

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