Is Working At Home Greener?

Working at home definitely has its ups and downs, but on Earth Day, I’d have to say my job has definitely made it easier to be green. I’ve noticed prices going up on everything here in Southern Cali. Gas is now close to $4.50 per gallon in certain places. And my favorite 7-11 coffee just went up a dime. The paycheck is not getting any bigger for now, so something has to give.

I finally decided to sell my car because gas is so expensive and insurance on a car that is at the top of the most stolen list in CA was outrageous. I am lucky in some ways because my lifestyle and job made it easy. I have access to everything I need: coffee, groceries, doctors nearby. I really did not need a car once I began to write from home. Do I miss it? Not yet. It made me crazy to spend money on insurance, parking and gas so I could drive my car around to nowhere to keep the battery charged and the car running. And there are some interesting developments happening in car sharing. See ZipCar, for example. While ZipCar is not available yet in my area, there are other ways to get around, at least for me.

On the other hand, you can’t beat the convenience of owning your own car. I’ve been fighting off a nasty case of bronchitis this week, and being able to jump in the car to get to the doctor and quickly pick up a prescription instead of figuring out another way to do this would have been helpful. But I think the obstacles of car ownership have far outweighed convenience at this point.

BTW, are you celebrating Earth Day today? So is Starbucks, so if you have a travel mug handy, put on your walking shoes, pick up your travel mug and head on over to Starbucks for a free cup of coffee. Happy Earth Day!


2 Responses

  1. I didn’t do too well on Earth Day. Had to drive to my trainer’s house, forgot my free Starbucks….I did remember to put out my recycling, though.

    Hope the car-less life continues to suit you.

    They did not have zip car in DC when I lived there (they do now), but two friends and I who all lived on Capitol Hill shared a car for almost 2 years. Very funny when, between the three of us, we couldn’t remember who drove last or where the car might be.

  2. I know what you mean about losing the car. When I first bought my Honda, there were like a bazillion black ones out there. Pretty embarrassing getting caught pointing my clicker at someone else’s Honda in the mall parking lot…

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