The Happiest Careers on Earth — or At Least in America

The title sounds like those careers should be at Disney, huh? Well, they aren’t, necessarily. did a survey of American workers to find out who was happiest in their careers. You can read more about it here. Top five happiest careers: biotechnology, customer service (really? really!), education, admin, and procurement/purchasing.

I have worked in every one of these careers, sort of. I’ve assisted student and alums in looking for internships and jobs in biotechnology, especially in bioengineering. I have helped faculty and students with library reserve lists, materials and equipment. I have been a Head Start and nursery school teacher. I filled in for many admins while they were out on sick/maternity leave. I also had a ball spending a college’s and university’s money on books, music CDs and top of the line film and DVD editions. So, now I am in the career that has made me the happiest so far, and it is none of these. Why not?

Studies like these on the happiest, hottest, upcoming, newest, hiring the most careers are something I tell people to take with a grain of salt. Just because they are touted as the “est” careers, the est of the best, does not necessarily mean that one of these careers will make you the happiest worker out there. That is because these trends do not take into consideration what career counselors call career fit. Career fit examines how well suited you are for a career. Do you have the knowledge, skills, interests, abilities for a specific career? Would you even like this career? You don’t know, but you sure would like a new job, huh?

Use these trending articles as a way to explore careers, what is out there right now. However, do not base your career choice solely on what these articles tell you or what your friends and family are telling you based on these trends. You are likely to be disappointed because career trends can disappear quickly, leaving you with a lot of school loans and a new degree that isn’t relevant to the current job market.

Explore work that will make you happy. Take career assessments with a career counselor if you think their results are valid. Do a variety of  jobs, pursue internships, take classes and talk to people in careers that interest you. It’s a lot more work than choosing a career based on current trends; however, if you do put in the effort, you may not end up in the happiest career on earth according to others, but in the happiest career for you.

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