Alas, A Memento of “Memento” Really IS No More

On yet another trip to the grocery store, I passed by what is left of Grinder’s, the restaurant in the film “Memento.” The roof is really gone, and the restaurant is open to the sky. I caught a glimpse of caved in ceiling beams, criss-crossed in the interior as I peeked through a set of windows. There are beams scattered in the seating area, with reinforcing chicken wire and crumbling stucco scattered on the lawn. The place is a mess, and the building still is not completely torn down. The sitting area is intact, albeit draped over with broken boards and beams. You can still see “The Catch” sign, what the restaurant was briefly renamed before it closed for good. There’s all sorts of big yellow machinery about, with a toploader driven into the interior.

Word on the street is that the building is making way for a credit union. Doesn’t seem like they are in too much of a hurry, though. They still have a lot to do…

Bird’s Eye View Before Demolition

Stills From Memento

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