Is a Memento of “Memento” No More?

I often wonder if other people measure their tenure in a job by remembering the places they’ve lived, hung out at or played in the way I do. I fondly remember going to IHOP and The Treehouse when I worked at Stanford. I used to hang out at Grinders discussing art and design with friends when I moved to southern CA to do career counseling at an art and design college.

Continuing on from my previous posts about lists, I’ve had a list as long as my arm of movies I have wanted to see. “Memento” was on that list for quite awhile. I finally saw it last year, and was rather surprised. I was watching Guy Pierce’s character, Leonard driving through an intersection to meet Carrie Anne Moss’s character, Natalie when I recognized the cottage down the street in the film. As in down the street from where I live. This cottage is across from Grinder’s, and Grinder’s is the restaurant where they filmed part of Memento.

So, I had been going there for years with my friend Michael for all these good diner dinners and art discussions, and I NEVER KNEW??? I couldn’t believe it. So I called Michael and said, “What the…??? How come you never told me Grinder’s was in “Memento?” And with his cool, Cali hipness, he said, Um… like, I thought you knew??!!

OK, so I’m blogging about this because Grinder’s was sold and turned into “The Catch” which had seriously crappy food and closed within 6 weeks of opening. It has been standing empty for at least a couple of years, the grass yellowing and the dust blowing into the outdoor seating area. Today as I was walking to the grocery store, I realized that they were quietly ripping the roof off the restaurant. So does this mean it is getting a new roof and reopening? I hope so (without the crappy food.) I figure that they would have razed the whole building with a bulldozer if it was going to be demolished. My camera phone isn’t working, so sorry, no pics. But I will keep you posted as to what happens…

3/09:  On yet another trip to the grocery store, the building is still standing. So perhaps they are just renovating and putting on a new roof. Haven’t been able to find anything in the news about who bought it, or what it is going to be, but it looks like it may reopen by the summer…

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