Five Minute Desk Vacations–Or What To Do When You Are Having a Craptastic Day

So I’ve been blogging away for awhile now, sharing info with you on the job search, interviewing, on the job situations, etc. But when it all gets too much for you, and you can’t face tweaking your resume one more time, or the person in the next cubicle is crinkling their extra-noisy Sun Chips bag, what do you do? Take a five minute desk vacation, of course! This is ideal plan for all of you lazy office types who don’t like to exercise because you don’t even have to get up from your desk.

Point your computer’s or smart phone’s browsers to some of these websites for 5 minutes of stress-busting fun:

Shakespeare Insults Generator: All sorts of lovely random Shakespearean insults randomly generated just for you. My favorite: Thou lascivious flap-mouthed clack-dish!

Head on over to Etsy’s Taste Test if you love all things funky, vintage, beautiful art or just plain want to be amazed at what the human mind can think up and create. Click on a few pics so that the site can get an idea of your tastes, and then it will generate a whole page of really cool stuff for you to drool over.

More the visit-the-art-museum type? Then check out  The Google Art Project. This page opens on the Uffizi, but there are many online museums and galleries that you can explore, courtesy of Google Places.

If you are curious about urban exploration, but are too chicken to get yourself all sweaty and dirty exploring abandoned places, consider Mr. Mots’ Opacity. The photos of abandoned places such as reformatories, sanatoriums, graveyard churches, inner city factories are astounding. These are the secrets of what happens when our jewels of architecture are left behind to decay. Tons of pics and many international sites as well.

Did you know that you can see 1930 census information online? Look up what your family was up to back then at I learned that my great grandparents had unpronounceable  first names.

Pacman. What more can I say? Too young to know what this is? Who cares — just click on it and have fun. There are a bunch of other games on there too like Frogger.

Want to know what you REALLY just ate for lunch? Log onto Livestrong’s The Daily Plate for useful and fun information on nutrition while you are just jellin’ at your desk.

Read up on your favorite urban legends and myths at

Watch some SNL shorts old and new at

Have some five minute desk vacations of your own? Please share them in the comments. Thanks.

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