C’mon, Already! I Just Need a Job!

I have seen a lot career advice on the Internet telling job searchers that they are not going to find their next job just by searching the Internet. But what does that mean? There are now over 182 million websites on the Internet, and the number of job sites grows every day. If you are not going to find your next job on the Internet, then why are there so many job sites? Start your job search on the Internet, but realize that most jobs still require you to interact with a live person before you land that job, and many jobs are not advertised to keep the number of applicants down. So, where to start? Here are a few websites to quickstart your Internet job search and what you need to know about them.

Career Counselors, Coaches and Consultants

What You Need to Know: They may have different titles, but they have one thing in common: helping you find a job. Ask about your career professional’s education and credentials. This person should have a college degree in counseling and a career credential. Write the credential down and look it up to find out who offers it and what a career professional needs to do to get one. This person should have to do continuing education on a regular basis to keep current and to keep the credential. Keep in mind that this type of help can get expensive and plan accordingly; most health insurance will not cover career counseling under mental health benefits, but a severance package of benefits might.

Where to Start:  Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Counselors

Job Listings

What You Need to Know: Use job search engines. They compile lists of jobs in your specialty and geographic area so that you do not have to make yourself nuts by visiting a gazillion specialized job listings. Some of these search engines will also give information on cover letters, resumes, interviewing, networking, salaries and on the job issues. Also look for listings with professional associations and at your college career or alumni center. Do not pay for job listings unless you are in a niched career such as symphony oboist.

Where to Start: Top Ten Job Search Engines; Weddle’s Professional Association List

Job Research

What You Need to Know: Research the jobs you find. After all, just about anyone can post a job on the Internet, especially at places like Craigslist where there is no fee for many cities. Look at the date the job was posted and look up the employer if the company name is listed. Research the job title. Know what the typical salary for these jobs should be.

Where to Start: Hoovers – company info; Wetfeet – company info; Salary Expert; Payscale; Bureau of Labor Statistics – job descriptions


What You Need to Know: Contact people in your field. Tell them you are looking for a job. Do NOT ask for an informational interview, pretending you are researching a career when you actually are looking for a job. These industry employers will make a point to remember you as dishonest and will let others in your field know about you, killing your chances for a job. Networking can provide you with insider info on jobs that are not listed on the Internet. Find networking opportunities by joining professional associations and contacting your college’s alumni office. Some college career centers will also work with alumni for free or for a fee.

Where to Start: LinkedIn; Yahoo Business Organizations

What Happens Next

You will find other sites as you look at the ones here. Create a browser folder for your online job search and bookmark the sites you find.

Stay Tuned: Next up: Military personnel transitioning into civilian jobs have their own challenges and resources. America is going to be relying on them even more to regain our world competitive edge, as new technology not only comes from industry and higher education, but also military research as well. Look for it in the next Careerplanet blog.

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